Flexsola™, winner of the TCA 2017 Innovative Product Award, is a sustainable building system created by Nicholas Varias, the same Canadian architect who won the 1996 CMHC’s Flexhousing™ Design Competition.

Flexsola™ applies Nicholas’s patent CA 2843797 Modular System to enhance the Flexhousing™ features with measures to slow down climate change and counteract its adverse effects. With its innovative saddle connection, this patent creates space modules that provide the flexibility to grow horizontally and vertically for accommodating future needs, without disturbing the existing space.

With its unique ability for incorporating solar panels and mini wind turbines without affecting the roof, a Flexsola™ house could produce more energy than it would consume. Furthermore, its ecological footprint is substantially reduced by a landscaped rooftop terrace, which will return to nature a large portion of the original green space taken away by the building. Complemented by an optional greenhouse, this rooftop terrace could be an outdoor oasis for leisure, pets, or to grow organic fruits and vegetables in a protected environment.

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